The American Paint Horse

One of the most colorful examples in the equine world, the American Paint Horse comes in a rainbow of colors and patterns! A bonus is that the colorful exterior is just the icing on the cake, these horses are intelligent and highly athletic, with a willing disposition and can excel at many pursuits.
When you think about Paints, you often associate them with American Indians, and it is correct that these colorful animals originated with Native Americans. In the 1800s, the plains of the west featured large herds of free-ranging wild horses. The colorful spotted horses were a favorite of the native Americans, especially the Commanches.

Today's Paint horses are a stock-type horse, measuring up to 16 hands tall. They come in a variety of colors, such as roan, bay, chestnut, grey, palomino, black, buckskin, dun, and grullo. The coat patterns are overo, tobiano, and tovero.
These colorful equines are successfully competing in dressage, western and english pleasure classes, jumping, reining, cutting, working cow, barrel racing, endurance, competitive trail, 3 day eventing and much more. Many are just wonderful companions and trail horses, who bring much joy to their owners' lives.


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