The Arabian Horse - Beautiful, Elegant and Versatile

One of the oldest horse and most photographed breeds, the Arabian horse is known for its beauty, athleticism, rich history, endurance, versatility and unique bond with their owners.
For thousands of years, these magnificent animals lived among the desert tribes of the Arabian peninsula, bred by the Bedouins as war mounts. Prized by the Bedouins, the Arabian was considered a member of the family and often shared its owner's tent.

Physically, the Arabian horse is a compact horse, with short back, strong hindquarters, deep chest, and small head with distinctive dished profile and large luminous eyes. Arabians are not large horses, measuring between 14.1 and 15.2 hands. The most common colors are black, chestnut, bay and grey.

Arabians are highly intelligent and sensitive horses, and are sometimes incorrectly labeled as "hot" horses. Because of their sensitivity, these horse do not respond well to heavy handed training techniques, but will give their all to the rider who treats them fairly. They are energetic horses with incredible endurance, and excel at endurance racing. A versatile breed, Arabians can also be found in western and english pleasure classes, dressage, jumping, reining and cutting, barrel racing and gaming, trail riding and just about any other equestrian pursuit you might want to participate in.


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