Breyer Horses from State Line Tack

 Seattle Slew by Breyer
The 10th--and only undefeated horse --to win the Triple Crown in 1977.
 Susecion & Le Fire by Breyer
Susecion, the only Arabian Hall of Fame mare to produce two double National Champion mares is depicted with her Bask son, Le Fire.
Breyer Horse Trailer

Authentically detailed. A must-have piece for the dually pickup truck (sold separately).
Breyer Pocket Barn
Set includes: Bay Stablemates Appaloosa Foal, water bucket, hay manger, horse brush and hanging pitchfork.
Breyer Feed Set
Finely detailed set includes water trough, hay bale, hay net, feed bucket, feed bag, bag of feed and scoop.
Breyer® StablematesTM Little Red Stable Set
This bright red and white Stablemates barn is a must-have for Stablemate fans!
 Breyer® Paddock Pals Ranch Carrying Case
The stable you can take with you! Red plastic carrying case is authentically detailed and includes lots of accessories!
Breyer English Show Bridle
This show bridle comes with decorated browband and double reins.
Breyer Leather Halter & Lead

Halter comes with authentic leather and chain lead.
Pinto American Saddlebred Horse
The fancy hoofer of the equine world. This striking piebald tobiano pinto American Saddlebred captures the best of two great American equine breeds.
The Gypsy King Breyer
Bred over centuries for disposition and endurance, Gypsy Vanners are a light draft-type breed well-suited for drayage.
Breyer Paddock Pals - Saddlebred

Breyer miniatures. Great for young horselovers.
Breyer Paddock Pals - Arabian/Palomino
 Breyer Cloud
Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, Ginger Kathrens discovered this unusual Mustang foal just hours after his birth in the shadows of the dramatic Arrowhead Mountains, and over the next five years, filmed the life of this wild colt.
Breyer New Arrival Play Set
Welcome the new arrival! Set includes: Bay mare and newborn foal, hay manger, water bucket, carrots, brush, straw, pitchfork and yellow corral fencing.
 Breyer Horspital Play Set
Nurse your stablemates back to health with Breyer's Horspital.
Breyer Grooming Kit
You won't believe the intricacies on this finely detailed kit.
Walter Farley's Black Stallion Breyer Horse
The legendary "Black" from the beloved classic, "The Black Stallion".
Breyer® Paddock PalsTM Paint Bay
This Breyer miniature is great for young horse lovers.
Breyer® Paddock PalsTM Appaloosa
This red dun Appaloosa has a classic blanket pattern.
Peruvian Paso

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