More Great Breyer Horses


Breyer Dually Pickup Truck
With "working" parts. Door, hood and tailgate open.
 Breyer® Horse & Rider Pony Set
It's off to the show with this pair!
Delivery Wagon Play Set by Breyer
Stable Mates Gift Set by Breyer
Contains four fun Stable Mates horses! Start a herd of your own or add to your existing collection.
  Secretariat Breyer Horse
If there is one horse and one race that defines the sport of Thoroughbred racing, it would be Secretariat and the race would be his win of the 1973 Belmont Stakes.
 National Velvet's Pie Breyer Horse
The classic story of a young girl named Velvet Brown and Pie, the horse she wins in a raffle, and their quest to win England's most famous race, the Grand National.
Cupid and Arrow Breyer Horses

Cupid and Arrow are a mare and foal from Wolcott, CT with a story that goes straight to the heart of a horse lover!

Monarch - Breyer Spring Collector's Edition
This retro glossy bay drafter with bright white features is a reminder of Breyer's 1960s style horses.
  Napoleon's Marengo Breyer Horse
From Breyer's Horse in History Series. Marengo was a small but striking grey Arabian who served as Napoleon's mount in important battles.
Arapaho-Riata Breyer Horse
 Northern Lights Breyer Horse
The Northern Lights are captured on this fantastical horse!
Breyer® Flim Flam Horse
Flim Flam has been a clear leader in today's generation of elite U.S. dressage horses
 Breyer® Quo Vadis
Quo Vadis has earned permanent recognition among the great broodmares of American Quarter Horse history.
 Zip's Chocolate Chip Breyer Horse
Chip is an American Quarter Horse that has been outstanding every sphere of his life.
Breyer War Admiral
No collection of Breyer is complete without this rendition of one of the most famous race horses in American history, Seabiscuit's rival.
Breyer Seabiscuit
No collection of Breyer is complete without this rendition of one of the most famed race horse in American history.
 The Island Stallion-Flame with Book by Breyer
Based on the classic children's story by Walter Farley about wild horses in the Caribbean.
 My Friend Flicka w/Book
Based on the 1943 movie and the TV series, Flicka is a lovely horse that shows the devoted relationship between an young horse and young boy.
 Breyer Truck and Trailer Model
Perfectly scaled to Stable Mate size with realistic detail and lots of working parts.

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