Western Cowboy Party

Planning a Western Cowboy Party, for kids or adults - we've got you covered, pardner!


For decorations, depending on whether your party will be indoors or out:

  • Cover the table with a red & white checked tablecloth.
  • Fill a cowboy boot with a silk or dried flower arrangement.
  • Decorate with hay or straw bales, they look great and provide additional seating.
  • Bandanas, ropes and horseshoes also make your party atmosphere authentic!
  • Put up wanted posters made from pictures of actual party guests.

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Hot dogs, baked beans, and cornbread

Fried chicken, corn on the cob, and biscuits

Sloppy Joes and chips

Root beer, served in tin cups for a really authentic touch

Hot Dogs, cooked over an open fire


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For a child's party, depending on the participants' ages, try the following games:

Gold Rush - Purchase gold wrapped chocolate coins and hide them around the party room or out in the yard if that's where you're holding the party. Give each child a gold mining pan (aluminum pie pan) to hold their "loot" and send them on a search for lost gold! Each child gets to keep their loot.

Stick horse races - Buy 2 stick horses and divide your party guests into 2 teams. Set up an obstacle course or barrel racing course and have the kids run the course, return to their team and hand off the stick horse to the next team member in line.


Brand the Calf - Draw a picture of a calf on a poster board. Mark an X on the calf's hindquarters. Cut "brands" out of construction paper, using the guest's initials for inspiration. Blindfold each child, spin him around, and then have him pin his brand on the calf. The child who comes closest to the X on the calf wins. Or you can substitute Pin the Tail on the Horse instead.

Pinata in the shape of a horse or a boot.


Have a rope tying contest with licorice or real ropes.

For an Adult's Western Party, try these games:

Divide guests into teams and give them a bandana, each team has to write down uses for the bandana, the team with the most uses, wins!

Play Cowboy Trivia

Put names of TV cowboys, their horses' names, ranch names, (like the Ponderosa), famous cowboy quotes, write each on a slip of paper, and guests have to draw and answer each trivia questions. Or divide into teams and let the teams come up with the answers.

Have a square dance

Rope a hay bale standing on end

Party Favors

Use colorful cowboy print bandana to hold whatever treats or party favors you will be giving to the kids.

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