Host A Fun Foal Shower

A foal shower can be lots of fun and is a great excuse for a horse lovers party! Decorate with pony sized horseshoes painted pink and blue, and poster size pictures of foals in the specific breed, along with pictures of the "mom" and "dad".

Make a carrot cake or have a cake made with foal decorations on top!

Great gifts are books like Blessed are the Broodmares or Blessed are the Foals, videos on foaling, a foaling kit, foal halters, horse cookies and treats, brushes, and anything that you might use on a young horse.

A great gift that the host can create is a foal scrapbook, with pages for:

  • photos of the shower guests

  • one of the shower invitations

  • photos of the cake & decorations

  • sire and dam's pedigree and a photo of each

  • pictures of the mare during pregnancy

  • first photo after foaling

  • diary pages for the owner's notes about the foal's development in the first few months

  • medical pages, chart for vet visits, shots and wormings

and anything else you can think of that would delight the new foal owner!

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Activities for Foal Shower

For games and activities, you can have a pool where your party guests write their best guess for the day and time the mare will foal, along with color and markings, and what sex they think the foal will be. The guest who is most accurate can win a small prize, something easily sent in the mail, like a gift certificate to a tack store or feed store.


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