Hosting a Horse Themed Baby Shower

When a horse lover is expecting a little "foal" of her own, a horse themed baby shower is a perfect idea! Although you might not be able to find specialized invitations for an event like this, you can certainly modify a rocking horse invitation, or use some horse stationery to print out special invitations with just enough equine terminology to let your guests know that this baby shower has a horse theme!

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Decorate with rocking horses, get a cake with a horse image in pink or blue if you know the sex of the baby. Let the guests know that you are doing a horsey theme, and if you list some sources for appropriate gifts, that will help folks who aren't as "horse savvy".

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Refreshments can be anything normally served at a baby shower, same with the games. Just let your imagination run wild, if your guests are all "stable people" and are equestrians as well, you can really follow through on the horse theme in the games and refreshments. On the other hand, if only the guest of honor and a few friends are horse people, then you might limit the amount of horse activities and terminology, so no one feels left out.

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