Host a Childs Horse Birthday Party

Planning a child's horse birthday party or special pony party? Start with the horse party favors, which you want to go with your horse theme, but also provide items that the kids will love. Depending upon the age of the party attendees and your budget, some ideas might be horse pencils or pens, sticker books or stencil books, small plush horses or ponies, temporary pony tattoos, or horse puzzle books.

Horse & Pony Party Games & Activities

Games for your child's horse birthday party can be as simple as the old standard pin the tail on the donkey (or in this case, horse). For young children, you can invest in a pair of stick horses and have a relay race! If the participants are a little older, or have equine knowledge, you can play Parts of the Horse--- hang a poster sized picture of a horse on the wall, write down all the various parts of the horse or pony on scraps of paper, put them in a feed bucket, and have each child take turns selecting one and pointing out the correct part on the poster. Everyone learns when you play that game!

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Horse & Pony Party Treats

What about refreshments at your pony party? In keeping with the horse theme of your party, you might serve an apple juice punch, maybe a carrot raisin salad or jello mold, or perhaps a carrot cake or carrot cupcakes. You might make a sweet treat from chow mein noodles and melted butterscotch morsels and call them "hay stacks"!

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Dream Horse Cookies

Another great activity for a pony or horse themed party is to bake some horse shaped sugar cookies before the party, and provide frostings and decorations for the kids to decorate their dream horse! If you make that the final activity of the day, everyone can take their special horse cookie home. See our Dream Horse Cookie Recipe Here!



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