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Chicken Soup For The Horse Lover's Soul Book

Chicken Soup For The Horse Lover's Soul Book

Over 400 pages chock full of inspirational stories about horses and the people who love them. Even if you have never been near a horse but have always admired them you’ll love the stories celebrating and honoring these noble creatures. Soft cover. Chilcken Soup For Horse Lover's Soul Books.







Care and Management of the Older Horse
Understand the needs of older horses to prolong their lives.
Common Sense Dressage by Sally O'Connor
Builds on basics to help develop full potential. Illustrated.
 How To Be Your Own Veterinarian (Sometimes)
Veterinarian helps horse people recognize and treat simple medical problems when they happen.
Lyons on Horses Book by John Lyons
John Lyon's proven conditioned-response training program emphasizes gentle persuasion over force.
 Centered Riding by Sally Swift
Techniques which promote healing, training and communicating with horses and other animals.
Starting & Running Your Own Horse Business Book
Avoid costly business blunders with the advice of this experienced manager.
 Western Exercises Book
For the do-it-yourself trainer. Beginner: rider balance to beginning bending work.
English Exercises Book
Beginner: balance, rhythm, gaits and more. Intermediate: bending, transitions, lateral work.
Horse, Follow Closely Book by GaWaNi PonyBoy
Beautifully illustrated with photos by Gabrielle Boiselle.
 Western Horseman - Problem Solving Book
Tackles some of the most common problems: trailer loading, hard-to-catch horses, barn sour horses, spooking, crossing bridges, tying and more.
Horse Illustrated Guide to English Riding
A helpful-hint guide with important facts and easy-to-follow instructions is an invaluable supplement to lessons.
 Horse Illustrated Guide to Western Riding Book

You don't have to be a Texan to ride like a cowboy.
Games on Horseback
More than 50 games for a delightful diversion while improving a rider's performance and safety skills.
 10,001 Names For Horses Book
Lists literally thousands of names with tips for naming your horse, names for horses with attitude, easy ridin' horses, all sorts of names that apply to colors and more.
101 Lunging & Long Line Exercises Book by Cherry Hill

Learn a variety of ground training exercises with lesson plans from square 1 to square 101.
Jumps, Etc. Book
Clear directions and photos show you how easy it is to build jumps, dressage arenas and more.
 Horse Rider's Problem Solver
Answers to rider's most common problems in a single volume.
  Emergency! Book
Highly readable book with graphics and photos that put quick information at your fingertips.
 Making, Not Breaking Book
Cherry Hill's kind and logical methods teach you how to start a horse under saddle and what to do after your horse has gotten used to the saddle.
Horses Never Lie Book
Enlightening theory by Mark Rashid argues against training techniques and shatters the traditional ideal of becoming your horse's dominant leader in order to gain his respect.
  Trickonometry Book
Your horse can be doing tricks in 10 Minutes! Written by acclaimed trick trainer Carole Fletcher, this is the only book with step-by-step instructions for teaching your horse tricks.
Centered Riding 2: Further Exploration
Learn new concepts and fresh imagery for this popular riding technique.
Helpful Hints For Horsemen Book
This invaluable book is a collection of hundreds of helpful hints culled from the "Here's How" column appearing in Western Horseman magazine.
 Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover's Soul Book
Inspirational stories about horses and the people who love them make enjoyable reading.
What Horses Say Book
A book from animal communicator, Julie Dicker.
Clinton Anderson's Downunder Horsemanship
A riding and training manual from master horseman, Clinton Anderson.

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