Horse Breeds of the World

 There are many different horse breeds, and it would be hard to cover all of them in one web site, but we have attempted to put together photos and factual information about many of the most popular breeds here. We will be adding to this page, so check back often! If you own a certain breed type and would like to add a photo or some information, we'd love it!

Click on any of the links below to read about and see photos for that breed of horse:

Arabian Horse
Appaloosa Horse
American Quarter Horse
Thoroughbred Horse
Tennessee Walking Horse
Morgan Horse
American Paint Horse
Friesian Horse
Paso Fino Horse
Shetland Pony
Percheron Horse

There is no perfect horse breed, all are fabulous in their own right and perfect for certain disciplines and riding styles. It is important that you choose your horse based based on careful research and consideration. Take into account the type of riding or competition that you plan to participate in, your skill level and your distinct personality. All these things are important when choosing a horse to share your life.



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